• The Triumph Of The Cross




    The triumph of the cross

    by Girolamo Savonarola

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    The triumph of the cross 262 pages.



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    The triumph of the cross Girolamo Savonarola

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    Now, as the Christian life is more pure and perfect than any other, it must be nearer to God than any other life; and Christians approach most closely to Him when they are engaged in the exercise of prayer and contemplation, which renders the soul peculiarly capable of receiving the Divine purity, truth, and lightWe know that man is governed by will and understandingTo this end, they elected Paul I, the Tsar of Russia, as Grand Master of the OrderSince nature is governed by God and is immutable, man would necessarily be left to act according to his instinctAnd, although Aristotle, and some of his followers, have tried to establish the eternity of the world, the Aristotelian arguments are so weak, that any learned man could easily overthrow themFather John Procter, S.T.LAmong men are likewise found degrees, not of life but Edition: current; Page: [44] of perfection; for, as man is rational, those men are the most perfect who live the most nearly according to reason; for he who lives not according to reason resembles a beast rather than a manThis blindness of heart and stubbornness of mind, foretold by the Prophets, was the first punishment that overtook the JewsHe here reminds his readers that in the middle of the week our Lord was crucified, i.e., after three years and a half (or half of seven years) preaching1 This will account for some few slight and unimportant verbal variations from the original Latin edition in the present English translation, which, though it has been compared with the Latin, has been made from the Italian versionOn the contrary, we select from those laws all that is true and virtuous, and ascribe it to God, who, for the sake of His elect, has created all truth and all goodnessPhilosophers have studiously endeavoured to search out the End of Man Some people treat the cross as a trinketCHAPTER XVI.: THE RITES USED IN THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE SACRAMENTS ARE BOTH REASONABLE AND SEEMLYPeter in the government of the Church!” And yet the reader will find all these doctrines of Catholic belief clearly and luminously treatedThus, this power of rejoicing Edition: current; Page: [69] in the midst of suffering, is not natural; it is a supernatural gift of GodThe Christian Religion most prudently establishes the two precepts of charity, as the foundation of our whole moral life It must, therefore, be conceded that the time appointed for the advent of the Messiah is past; and, that He has already comeAs the just deserve the glory of Heaven, the wicked, who have gone aside from God, deserve the lowest place on earth, wherein they and their sins may be punished 5d8a9798ff


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